Saturday, July 19, 2014



Who am I/i? Do you want the long or short version? For your sake I will give you the "blog" version. I am a 43 year old single-mother. A widow. A poet, a healer and martial artist. I have been training my body for as I long as I can remember. I began as a competitive swimmer at 6, then gymnastics at 7, which led to Classical Ballet for 22 years, Modern for 8, West African for 4, and my current passions are Capoeira Angola and Kundalini Yoga. I have been practicing both modalities for 11 years. A total of 37 years of non-stop training even through 2 pregnancies. What can I and movement sustain me. Or maybe I'm just addicted to endorphins...


I've been teaching Dance-Based Fitness for 17 years. What began as Pilates has developed into my own style which is a synthesis of all the modalities I have trained in and is called Boudoir Ballet. It can be done in the comfort of your h(om), hotel room or on the go. It only takes 20 minutes. It conditions, sculpts and elongates your muscles. It builds your body-confidence and makes you feel sexy in clothes and out! 


My spiritual journey initiated a series of moves from state to state and country to country. In my process of seeking, I left behind clients many of which no longer do Pilates. With each departure, they had asked me when I was going to come out with a DVD/Video so that they could continue training with me. Initially, I created an on-line forum for meditation which became Rhythm & Breath, but after years of dedicating myself to Yoga and Capoeira, I realized I was excluding a major part of myself which is Pilates and Dance. My self-actualization has led me to embrace ALL that I am. And Pilates is what has kept me injury-free all these years of intense training. So I created an exercise video for busy ladies like myself. Boudoir Ballet is not time consuming, nor an energy drain like cardio can be, and is very effective. Like other mothers, I don't have time to waste so I am sharing what has worked for me.


There will be three 20 min. videos that can be bought individually or as a bundle. The soft-launch of the first video will be on July 28th. This video has been in development for 17 years and will finally be available for purchase. I am SO excited to finally have something to share!


Dance has historically been elitist and racially biased. I experienced this directly which began a long struggle with cultural identity, body image issues, low self-esteem and depression. For my mental health, I altered my dreams of becoming a ballerina and became a Dance Movement Therapist instead. That is another long story that I will divulge in my forth-coming memoir but as with all the other tools I have created, I don't want anyone to be limited by their life circumstances to not be healthy, content and complete. I believe the only excuses are the ones we create. I was blessed to have exceptional dance and martial arts training and am honored to share my knowledge in the capacity I have created to share it.


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